Boulder River 7-20-19

The flows on the Boulder are approaching the optimum level.  Fish are primarily eating Pale Morning Duns and Yellow Sallies and Golden Stones.  Our best morning action has been on large Golden Stone dries with smaller droppers imitating PMD nymphs.  PMD hatches in the afternoon have been good and as […]

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Yellowstone River 7-20-19

The Yellowstone is fishing well.  Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, Grey Drakes and Caddis flies are all hatching.  Dry dropper and nymph rigs have been effective and some nice big browns are being caught on streamers.  Fish rusty spinners in the morning and tan caddis in the evenings for the best […]

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Yellowstone River 7-7-2019

The Yellowstone has marginal clarity, but is beginning to drop nicely.  As the river drops and the clarity increases, fish Golden Stone drys with smaller Stonefly nymphs, like a Prince Nymph.  Caddis, Golden Stones, Yellow Sallys, and a few PMD’s are hatching.  Look for lower flows for better dry/dropper fishing.  […]

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Boulder River 7-7-2019

The flows are still high, yet coming down ever so slowly.  Wade fishing is still difficult as the holding water is pretty scarce, yet the bugs are showing up.  Yellow Sallys, Golden Stones, Caddis and PMD’s are all hatching.  As the flows decrease the fishing is picking up.  Fish big […]

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Yellowstone River 6-28-19

The Yellowstone continues with high flows and varying amounts of turbidity.  As our runoff progresses the flows will drop and the river will clear up.  At this point, the Stone is not fishing well but that will change as the flows decrease.  Hopefully it will be fishing well within the […]

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Boulder River 6-28-19

The Boulder is on an up/down rollercoaster as the high temperatures range from 60 degrees to 90 degrees in a given week.  We have a great snowpack which is fueling the high flows with the high temperatures.  Warm weather this week has brought the Boulder’s flows up to make the […]

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Boulder River   6-10-19

Boulder River 6-10-19

The Boulder is running relatively high, but the recent cool weather has brought the flow from the 6000 cfs range down to around 2000 cfs.  This drop in flow has allowed for partial clearing and a window to fish.  Wade fishing is still difficult due to the high flows, yet […]

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Yellowstone River 6-10-19

The Yellowstone continues to run high and muddy around the Big Timber area.  Today’s snow pack for the Upper Yellowstone drainage is at 145% of average, which should lead to at least a couple more weeks of heavy runoff.  We look to the end of June or early July before […]

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Boulder River 6-3-19

Recent warm temperatures have started to bring the water down from the hills.  With several eighty degree days forecast for this week, runoff will prevail and fishing will be very difficult.

Yellowstone River 6-3-19

The Yellowstone is high and muddy.  Runoff will continue in earnest this week making the fishing very tough.