Fishing Report 11-3-16

The Yellowstone has been experiencing a “mini-runoff” for the past few days, as the river flow went from 2200 cubic feet per second to greater than 6000 cfs in only a few days.  As expected, this has caused a “mud plug” to render our big river unfishable.  Prior to the snow, rain and subsequent mud the fishing was good on the Yellowstone.  In a few days, the river will clear and should be back to the good fishing conditions we had before the runoff.  The fish are in great shape, and may be caught on dries, nymphs and streamers.  Small beatis mayflies and grey drake mayflies are around, best fished with Parachute Adams and BWO flies size 14 to 18.  Fish have been eating bead head Pheasant Tail nymphs (size 14 to 18).  Pair this nymph up with a size 10 to 12 Girdle bug for fun nymphing results.  If streamer fishing, try an Olive Conehead Wooly Bugger, although different days call for different streamers, be willing to change if things aren’t ‘happening’.  Come in and check out our selection of streamers to be sure you have what you need on the river!

The Boulder River also showed an increase in flow with the recent wet weather, from 190 cfs to over 1300 cfs.  Today the flow is back down to 525 cfs and dropping.  The fish have been feeding sporadically on Blue Winged Olive may fly adults and nymphs as well as larger Girdlebugs.  As the water drops look for BWO hatches, midge hatches as well as the odd Brown or Grey Drake.  Nymph fish or dry fly fish upstream, then try a streamer across the current as you move back down.  Pay particular attention to the tailout ares for the nice brown trout.

The Big Freeze is coming, so get out there for the last opportunities of 2016!


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